Reservation Policy

Hours of Operation

Typical events are held from 8:30p until 2:00a. Everyone is required to join us for an orientation tour at their first Choice event immediately following the doors opening.


All members in good standing must have a confirmed reservation for each event they would like to attend. Members may also bring guests in accordance with our guest policy. If an event is sold out and we are unable to confirm space for you to attend, you will be added to our waiting list and notified of this. If space becomes available we will contact you immediately.

To make a reservation by phone, please contact us at (401) 274-3700 and leave a message with the following information

Online Reservations

You may make or cancel reservations on-line at any time by logging in to the member-only area. Once logged in, you can make a reservation by selecting an event from the calendar or you can go to your reservations page and pick from the dropdown list of future events. When making a reservation, please select you and your partner or just yourself from the dropdown option. You may cancel reservations on-line at any time by clicking the red-X next to any pending or confirmed reservation on your member home page.


As a courtesy to your fellow members, we request timely cancellations of reservations so we may allow those on the waiting list to attend events. This applies to canceling reservations for your self as well as any guests you may be bringing.

If you are unable to attend a party for which you have a reservation, please contact us by email or at (401) 274-3700 with the following information

Singles & Couples

We do allow couples to make reservations as singles on nights their partner is not interested in attending. Similarly, we allow two opposite gender members to make a reservation as a couple regardless of their normal membership type.

When reserving as a single, the male half of a Basic or Premium level couple is considered a Basic level single male and VIP couples the male half is considered a Premium level single male. Since there is only one level for single women, all are considered as Premium level single females.

When two opposite gender members make a reservation as a couple for the night, the membership level of the male half determines the level of the couple for the evening. Reservations should be made under his membership number.

We reserve the right to require couples that frequenly reserve as singles to purchase independent memberships.

Special Announcements

EVERYONE MUST provide proof (Actual CDC Vaccination Card) of being fully vaccinated (as defined by the CDC) for COVID-19 in order to attend club events.

Upcoming Events

Saturday February 11th — Wild & Red Hot Valentine Insatiable Wild & Red Hot Valentine Insatiable icon Nothing says hot & sexy on Valentine's Day weekend than Choice's signature color: RED. Everyone break out your sexiest red outfit and treat your Valentine to a wild night at Choice! **YOUR ACTUAL CDC VACCINATION CARD AND A VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED AT CHECK IN TO GAIN ENTRY TO THE CLUB.** This event is not gender balanced. Single men with active memberships in good standing do not need to wait for confirmation for this event.